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One of America’s leading change management experts, Dr. Michelle’s research- based tools have helped leaders, teams and individuals overcome change resistance and embrace change with confidence.

Dr. Michelle Rozen is the author of three books, a Huffington Post writer, and has been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX News and many other media outlets discussing change, motivation and how the human mind works to become exceptional in every area of our lives, personally and professionally.

Dr. Michelle’s expertise is centered around change management and motivation.  She provides attendees with not only an inspiring experience but also with science based actionable takeaways to lead, motivate and act Dr. Michelle speaks to the audience from personal experience. Years ago, unhappy with her job, life and future, she decided to turn her life around, embarking on a journey to achieve her goals. After achieving her PhD in Psychology, understanding how the human mind works when it comes to embracing change and motivating ourselves and others through it became Dr. Michelle’s focus and purpose.

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Michelle Rozen's Speech Descriptions

Leaders in all industries find themselves dealing with the challenges of a rapidly changing work environment- management, procedures, technology, mergers and acquisitions, generation changes and more. But what can be perceived as rocking the boat is also a great opportunity for growth.

In this motivational experience, Dr. Michelle shares with the audience the best kept secrets for initiating, dealing with and leading through change not only in the best possible way but also in a way that will lead toward extraordinary engagement, motivation and performance through change.

This is a keynote for leadership teams and C-Suite, providing attendees with the most practical tools for leadership through change and a plethora of actionable takeaways. This is an engaging and highly interactive experience. that will transform the way leaders lead themselves and others toward their goals through rapid and oftentimes unexpected changes.

Actionable Takeaways:
• Identify potential obstacles in leadership through change
• Understand the causes- and powerful solutions- for resistance to change
• Master the CHANGE model for effective leadership through change
• Master the Three Golden Rules for increasing motivation, engagement and growth through change

This action-packed keynote is engaging and energizing. Dr. Michelle not only inspires attendees to embrace change but also shares with them the five essential steps for embracing change as the master key to success and growth both personally and professionally.

Dr. Michelle shares with the audience her own personal story of change and transformation through obstacles and challenges. Each of the five steps for embracing change with confidence bring attendees closer to embracing change and the opportunity to thrive through it.

Change is critical to success and there is no fluff through it with Dr. Michelle. She is direct, she is practical, she laughs with the audience and she allows herself to be very open and vulnerable with her own personal story. Because she is a straight shooter, this keynote has it all: inspiration, motivation, a high level of audience engagement and a plethora of actionable takeaways that leaders can start implementing right away as leaders, as team members and as individuals.

Actionable Takeaways:
• Identify potential obstacles in leadership through change
• Understand the causes, as well as powerful solutions, for resistance to change
• Master the five steps for leading through change with confidence
• Master the Three Golden Rules for increasing motivation, engagement, and growth through change

Motivation and purpose are the key to performance. But how does motivation actually work in the human mind? What can we do to keep ourselves and others motivated through challenge and change? Is there a secret to helping others stay focused and engaged?

This is a keynote packed with actionable takeaways for leaders, teams and individuals alike, based on the most cutting-edge research and delivered in the most engaging, interactive and inspiring manner.

This is a one of a kind, powerful and transformational experience, where Dr. Michelle shares with the audience the best kept secrets and most powerful mind hacks for increasing motivation and leading ourselves and others to breakthrough performance. Audience members will not only go through an entertaining and captivating experience but will leave with real, science-based tools and practical strategies that will completely transform the way they motivate themselves and others on a daily basis.

Actionable Takeaways:
• Master the 0-10 Rule for identifying your goals
• Identify and crush potential obstacles to growth and success
• Master the GROW model for powerful growth through obstacles and challenges
• Gain powerful insights into the dynamics of purpose, motivation and growth in the workplace and in our personal lives

Rewire your brain for success and learn how to overcome your mental blocks. Dr. Michelle shares her inspiring, personal story of how she overcame her own obstacles and worked through challenges to transform her life.

She shares with attendees the best-kept secrets of rewiring the brain toward breakthrough performance through challenges, big and small. If you are looking to master the best mind hacks for breakthrough performance, and accomplish any goal as a team, as a leaders and as an individual, this keynote is for you.

Actionable Takeaways:
• Identify the potential mind blocks for success
• Master the five-step plan for breakthrough success in every area of your life
• Master the 0-10 Rule for focus and success
• Learn the best, science-based mind hacks for rewiring our brain for motivation, focus, and groundbreaking growth

Great leadership relies on the power to motivate through obstacles. This is centered around communicating effectively and creating a culture of powerful teamwork.

During this inspiring, motivating and insightful experience, Dr. Michelle provides leaders with science-based, real-life, cutting-edge strategies to shift from vision to powerful teamwork, growth, and exceptional success.

Dr. Michelle brings in the most recent research-based insights on teamwork dynamics, human motivation, team engagement and winning leadership strategies. This is a highly interactive and actionable keynote that provides attendees leadership insights, best leadership strategies and team engagement mind hacks, alongside real life inspiring leadership stories to highlight teamwork, increase motivation and grow engagement through diversity of personalities, generations and challenges and lead forward with confidence through all barriers and toward outstanding performance of leaders and teams alike.

Actionable Takeaways:
• Identify the ten main barriers to exceptional leadership
• Identify and crush potential obstacles in leadership toward growth
• Master the LEAD model for powerful leadership through obstacles and challenges
• Master the five steps for leadership toward motivation, engagement and outstanding performance

What People are Saying about Seeing Michelle Speak

Rating Entries

“Thank you for helping the group get a better understanding of themselves, and how to deal with a changing world. You have provided us great insight on what we should think about and get ready for. It was the highlight of the day!”
– Cyrille Walter, Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch / London, UK

Dr. Michelle has the ability to connect with audiences from diverse professional backgrounds with incredible ease. She was a keynote speaker at our annual conference and was relatable, informative and inspiring. Her core message of “changing dynamics, not people” resonated particularly well and is reflective of her proactive and effective communication style. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.
– Lakshika Trikha, Assistant Director, SCIP- Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals

“Dr. Michelle’s talk was received with such enthusiasm. Participants commented that her advice was both practical and applicable to their situations and pursuits both personally and professionally. The audience felt that during her talk she was both engaging and relatable. Overwhelmingly they felt that they walked away with valuable insights and actions. The event team found her to be a delight to work with. We greatly appreciated how she tailored her content to the needs of our organization and the intent of the event. It was truly a pleasure to both work with her and have her be the keynote speaker for our event.”
– Rebekah Thayer, Cisco CA

“What a privilege it was to have Dr. Michelle Rozen as our guest speaker! Dr. Rozen did an extraordinary job at of helping our leaders understand the importance of staying focused and being intentional in our goal setting.”
– Tony Brininigstool MD, Senior Vice President, American Physician Partners

“Dr. Michelle was so engaging and so actionable! Everyone loved her!”
– Gilmore, Head of HR, GEA

“Such an inspiring presentation!”
– Paige Plamateer, Employee and Excutive Communications, Pratt and Whitney

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