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  • World-Renowned Expert on Change, Resilience, Leadership & Learning.

  • One of the most inspirational leaders of his generation.

  • Bestselling Author, Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today and Change; Learn to Love it, Learn to Lead it.

  • Richard, author of the number one bestsellers, Change: Learn to Love It, Learn to Lead It, and Simple Thinking: How to Remove the Complexity from Work & Life, offers a groundbreaking look into how the world is dealing with the challenge of unleashing human potential and embracing and leading change in the most uncertain of times. Gerver, a former globally renowned and life changing school principal, has taken innovation by storm. Over the last two decades he has transitioned his global reputation for leadership in education (He has been celebrated as one of the top 30 Education Gurus in the world) and is now regarded as one of the most original and authentic thinkers around human leadership and organizational transformation in the world. He has been named UK Business Speaker of the Year three times.

    His time now sees him work with organizations at the forefront of global innovation and excellence including Microsoft, Deloitte, Google, TUI and Morgan Stanley, Visa, Puig, Telefonica and Technicolor. He has also worked with some of the world’s most iconic retail organizations including Harrods in London. His unique experience and insight into realizing human potential also finds him working in elite sport; with Olympic and Paralympic coaches, EPL Soccer coaches, England Golf and professional cricket teams. He has served as a Board member on everything from billion-dollar businesses to start ups, not for profits and Universities.

    He has worked with an extraordinary range of people including former US President Barack Obama, The Dalai Lama, Prince Charles and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

    He has two of the most popular LinkedIn Learning courses in the world, covering overcoming complexity and mental toughness.

    Gerver’s unique insight into our development from infants to adults helps us to understand the nature of our personal and professional responses to risk, change, creativity and development. His ability to connect experiences across many often, seemingly different environments, helps people to expand their thinking and their own perception of their potential.

    With his trademark humor and insight, Gerver shares his experience on cultural and organizational transformation, human development, and management with groups around the world. Thanks to his own story and his authentic first-hand experiences, Gerver has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation, he however, argues that his work is focused on three words; Communication, Empowerment and Impact.

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    Why does change feel so exhausting and why do we resist it? How can we nurture and develop an organisational culture which embraces change and encourages collaboration? In this session, Richard examines the challenges associated with change and how risk aversion can stifle individuals and organisations.

    Simple Thinking

    In Simple Thinking Richard brings his pragmatic, insightful and people-centric approach to success; what it is and how we can achieve it. He offers the strategies, and tools, individuals need to succeed both individually and as part of an organisation. Based on the research in his book, Simple Thinking, Richard will share with participants the mindsets, behaviours and attributes needed to aim higher and achieve more


    What do people and organisations that have enjoyed sustained success have in common? A sense of purpose. In this session, Richard explores how communication, skills development, leadership, and empowerment must be developed and nurtured to encourage a genuine sense of purpose.

    Mental Toughness

    Using his unique insights into human development, Richard has translated his work and experience from schools to high performing corporate environments where the ability to risk, learn and develop are vital. Richard argues that it is often the most naturally gifted individuals who struggle with resilience, and that having the confidence to fail and overcome adversity is critical if we are to get the best out of ourselves and our people.

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    Rating Entries

    The event was a great success! Richard was one of the favourite speakers and the workshop went great. We are happy to have him with us and are hoping to collaborate again.
    – Acade

    Richard was absolutely wonderful and positive comments have not stopped flooding in. He was a real crowd pleaser.
    – New Zealand Principals Federation Conference Committee

    Richard was inspirational! He did an incredible job in presenting to 350 educators and engaging in conversations that motivated and challenged all participants.
    – St Joseph’s School, Melbourne

    Richard was engaging, thought-provoking and dynamic. We would certainly recommend working with him again.
    – Creative Partnerships Tees Valley

    Richard was truly sensational…everything went very smoothly and he received rave reviews from our delegates.
    – London Borough of Sutton and Merton

    We were tremendously impressed with Richard’s evident passion, energy and originality.
    – British Council, Portugal

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    Books by Richard Gerver:

    Education: A Manifesto for Change

    This is a call to arms to inspire all those involved in education to consider how our school system can be made fit for purpose in our turbulent 21st-century world. Renowned educationalist, Richard Gerver, argues that educators must work together to find innovative, creative strategies to prepare students for lives ahead of them and to teach them skills and knowledge that will be valuable far beyond formal education. Schools must collaborate with people and organisations beyond their normal experiences, so they can be the catalysts of a better, more connected and more coherent future for today’s children – tomorrow’s adults.

    With unique insights from global figures, including Barack Obama and Steve Wozniak, perspectives from elite sports coaches, and international examples, this book is an empowering, optimistic vision for a new year forward for educators everywhere.

    Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today

    Children today are growing up in an increasingly complex world. A good education is more important than ever to help them navigate the challenges the future holds.

    This book explores whether our education system is still fit for purpose. Is it preparing our children for this fast-paced environment? Or are we failing our children by leaving their potential unfulfilled?

    Richard addresses these questions in the context of early schooling and presents powerful arguments that suggest an imperative for change. He explores possible solutions and examples based on his experiences as headmaster at Grange Primary School where he developed a creative and futures facing system, bringing global recognition and success to a school on the verge of failure.


    The pace of change is greater than ever. We face new challenges every day in all aspects of our lives. Those who can handle change are the most fulfilled. Those who fear change will find it hardest to thrive.

    In two years as headmaster, Richard famously transformed a failing school into one of the most acclaimed learning environments in the world. He inspired staff and teachers to reach their full potential. As a hugely popular speaker and author, he now helps individuals and companies to embrace change.

    This book is his powerful personal reflection on change. Full of wisdom and practical insights, it will help you in any situation you face. Whether you are leading a company through change or looking for a new direction in life, let Richard Gerver be your guide.

    Simple Thinking

    Life is full of unnecessary complexity, leaving most of us confused, angry and disenfranchised. This book will help you cut through the metaphorical clutter to expand your mind and understand your true potential through the power of thinking simply.

    You’ll learn how to recalibrate your thoughts, behaviours and actions, trust your instincts and streamline your ideas to devise simple solutions to complex problems both in life and work.

    You’ll realise that when you expose the layers and get to the heart of a problem you’re now well equipped with clarity and confidence to conceive a simpler yet more effective solution.

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