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  • Dr. Wiens is an executive coach, national speaker, and organizational change consultant. Her coaching practice is deeply grounded in emotional intelligence, burnout, and resiliency research and methods.

  • Dr. Wiens will help your group leverage their Emotional Intelligence to maximize leadership effectiveness, manage stress and prevent burnout.
  • Dr. Kandi Wiens is the co-director of the Penn Master’s in Medical Education program, co-director of the Health Professions Education certificate program, and co-academic director of the Penn Chief Learning Officer executive doctoral program. She is also a senior fellow in the Penn Medical Education master’s program and the Penn Chief Learning Officer executive doctoral program.

    Dr. Wiens is an executive coach, national speaker, and organizational change consultant. Her coaching practice is deeply grounded in emotional intelligence, burnout, and resiliency research and methods. She is passionate about designing and delivering coaching and learning experiences that help people live their values and perform at their best.

    She holds a doctorate from the Penn Chief Learning Officer executive doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania, an M.B.A. from the University of Oregon, and a B.S. in business administration from Montana State University.

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    Leading With Emotional Intelligence

    Research shows that the main difference between good leaders and exceptional leaders is emotional and social intelligence (EI). Most leaders understand this but often struggle with knowing how to develop their EI and use it to their advantage. In this session, I share evidence-based strategies to help you develop your EI to maximize your leadership effectiveness. You will also learn how to help your staff use their EI to manage today’s challenges and unlock tomorrow’s opportunities.

    Learning Objectives :

    - Gain insights into your EI strengths and development opportunities
    - Leverage your EI to maximize your leadership effectiveness, manage stress and prevent burnout
    - Learn strategies to help your staff develop and use their EI

    The Agility Advantage: How to Create a Nimble, Change-Ready Workforce

    It’s an all-too familiar scene: a new competitive threat or environmental challenge emerges. You need to move quickly, and you need your team to be prepared to change. This requires agility and creativity to handle the challenge and take advantage of windows of opportunity. In this session, you’ll learn the keys to creating organizational agility by fostering a culture that thrives in times of change.

    Learning Objectives:

    - Understand why and how agile workforces are needed in order to rapidly implement a new change
    - Learn how to create and nurture an agile workforce
    - Learn strategies and tactics to put into practice to immediately improve agility and achieve results

    The Power of Positivity: How to Drive Happiness, Engagement, and Better Work Outcomes

    What makes a team thrive and flourish? What’s the difference between viewing work as a job, a career, or a calling? What is the ROI of happiness and positivity at work? In this session, we will explore the art and science behind the power of positivity and how it drives happiness, engagement, and greater performance. You’ll learn practical takeaways that will help you drive happiness and engagement by integrating a positive cultural approach into your leadership style.

    Learning Objectives:

    - Learn the science behind positivity, happiness, and work engagement
    - Understand the benefits of driving happiness and engagement at work
    - Understand what it takes to create a positive mindset for you and your staff
    - Learn takeaways that you can use today to spread positivity and happiness at work

    Leading with Resilience

    Stress and burnout are not the same thing. While we know that stress often leads to burnout, it’s possible to handle demanding responsibilities, high pressure, and work crises in a way that protects you from burnout. Through my research, I found that tapping into your emotional intelligence is key. In this presentation, I will share the secrets and advice of dozens of highly stressed Chief Medical Officers so that you too can use your emotional intelligence to prevent burnout.

    Learning Objectives:

    - Learn why some people are better equipped to handle stress and prevent burnout
    - Understand why and how emotional agility helps us manage stress
    - Develop strategies to increase your emotional intelligence and ability to deal with stress

    What People are Saying about Seeing Kandi Speak

    Rating Entries

    “Thank you for leading such a thoughtful, engaging session for our employees at the Estée Lauder Companies. Your expertise on emotional intelligence, burnout, and self-awareness garnered excitement before your session even began, prompting a huge turnout across both sessions. Based on the reactions in the chat and the feedback we have already received, it is clear that our entire organization—myself included—will be embracing your timely strategies, now and into the future.”
    – Vice President, Chief of Staff to the Executive Chairman, Estée Lauder Companies

    “This was my favorite professor session – Kandi explained the concepts in a clear manner, challenged us to think deeply about our values and belief systems, as well as potential bias.”
    – Workshop Participant

    “Can never spend enough time in this area…EQ is more important today than ever”
    – Workshop Participant

    “Impactful, very relevant to what so many of us have been experiencing. I think the element of thinking about how we come across to others has left me with a lot to consider, along with thinking about our ‘why’.”
    – Workshop Participant

    “I can’t believe this session is coming to an end… I have learned so much and enjoyed every minute. Thank you!”
    – Workshop Participant

    “These are incredible reminders to grow our emotional intelligence and manage stress all-around. So insightful! Thank you!”
    – Workshop Participant

    “I truly enjoyed this session by Kandi. Resilience and EI are topics that I am very interested in and would like to learn more so I can improve myself and help my team as well. Kandi made it easy to understand and apply in my work.”
    – Workshop Participant

    “It made me reflect on myself, regarding work, personal life and other aspects, and made me stop for a second and rethink what I’m doing, and how I can manage myself to gain better control of my actions.”
    – Workshop Participant

    “The best part of this was taking time to self-reflect on what is important to us and what motivates us. I think overall this was a good reminder about the importance of taking time to invest in our own self-awareness, especially to be more aware of how we might react under stress. I really appreciated the conversation around preventing burnout (unfortunately I think I am closer to this than I’d like to admit, but having the awareness and trying to use some of the methods to prevent burnout will help.)”
    – Workshop Participant

    “The delivery of the material was very effective. The instructor did a great job in engaging the class.”
    – Workshop Participant

    “Thoroughly enjoyed Kandi’s portion of the day. Culture is and has always been important. It’s going to be critical as we come out of the pandemic and forge new ways of working. Great session!”
    – Workshop Participant

    “Good information, dialogue, discussion, breakout room exercises. In our group and in class forum people felt comfortable to share personal stories. Powerful and inspiring, learning opportunity for all.”
    – Workshop Participant

    “Kandi did a great job presenting some critical frameworks for leading with resilience. We must maintain our emotional and psychological strength and remain self–aware.”
    – Workshop Participant

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