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One of America’s most distinguished professional photographers and photojournalists, Dewitt Jones made his reputation over two decades of photographing global stories for the National Geographic. Graduating from Dartmouth College with a BA in Drama and from UCLA with a Master’s degree in filmmaking, Dewitt received two Academy Award nominations for documentary films before the age of thirty.

Among Dewitt’s nine published books are California! and John Muir’s High Sierra. With Stephen R. Covey he co-wrote The Nature of Leadership.

In commercial photography, Dewitt has been the photographer on renowned creative marketing campaigns for prestigious organizations including Dewar’s Scotch, Canon and United Airlines.

Dewitt brings his experience as an artist, a worldwide traveler and a creative leader in business to keynote speeches that are notable for his outstanding ability to communicate with his audiences.

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    Dewitt Jones is one of America’s top professional photographers. Twenty years with National Geographic photographing stories around the globe has earned him the reputation as a world-class photojournalist. As a motion picture director, he had two documentary films nominated for Academy Awards before he was thirty.

    In the business community, Dewitt’s work is also well known. He rose to the forefront of creative marketing by photographing national advertising campaigns for organizations such as Dewar’s Scotch, Canon, and United Airlines.

    Dewitt has published nine books including California! and John Muir’s High Sierra. His most recent book, The Nature of Leadership, was created in collaboration with Stephen R. Covey.

    Speaking to audiences across the country, Dewitt is recognized as a renowned lecturer. His genuine style and ability to communicate with audiences make his presentations truly outstanding. Dewitt’s inspirational messages are further discussed in his best selling training programs.

    Dewitt graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in drama and holds a Master’s Degree in filmmaking from the University of California at Los Angeles.

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Dewitt Jones's Speech Descriptions

Dewitt Jones brings his unique artistic perspective as a photographer and creativity expert to the question of how we can advance our lives. He explains how we can limit ourselves or we can grow depending on the image we hold of ourselves.

There is nobody better than double Academy Award nominee Dewitt Jones to explore the creative process; he shows how we all possess the fundamentals of creativity and how we can remove the stumbling blocks to accessing them.

Extraordinary Visions

Where do we find the vision to take our lives to the next level? How can we make our life less of a struggle and more of a joy? For photographer and creativity expert, Dewitt Jones, the answers to these questions lie in the images we hold about ourselves, our future and the way in which we grow.

Dare to Dance

Dare to Dance is a version of Dewitt's Extraordinary Visions program customized for meetings in Hawaii. The themes of Vision, Passion, Purpose and Creativity are interlaced with stories & images drawn from Dewitt’s time in the beautiful Pacific Isles.

Clear Vision

Dewitt Jones explores the fundamentals of creativity— what they are, how they exist in each of us, and how to remove the blocks that keep us from accessing them.

What People are Saying about Seeing Dewitt Speak

Rating Entries

“Of course, we all focus on opportunities for improvement. To this end, if I could pass along any constructive criticism, I would – but we didn’t receive any! And, trust me, ours is a crowd generally full of constructive criticism.”
Julie Fenker
Director, Conferences & Incentives, Oracle Corporation

“Your warmth and sincerity coupled with your photographic talent and expert presentation skills provided us with an unforgettable morning. It’s not easy to get a standing ovation from this group and you did!”
Darlene Cassio
Meeting Professionals International

“I would recommend you to all audiences of any kind of business. Yours is a universal message that bears repeating and amplifying. We all experience moment of clarity, when life does come into focus. You have helped us live those moments with more appreciation.”
Susan Norton
Blue Cross of California

“If your organization is planning a conference and the agenda doesn’t include Dewitt Jones, you’ve done a disservice to those who will attend.”
L. G. Sanberg
Dresser Industries

“You changed lives! It was clear during the standing ovations, that your participation made the meeting something special. Because of what you did, this will be one of the Million Dollar Round Table’s most cherished meetings.”
Michael L. Weintraub
MDRT Chairman, Main Platform Committee

“The response to your presentation has been overwhelming. Your passion for life and your desire to help individuals gain a clear vision made a tremendous impact on every one of our employees. You were a true inspiration!”
Sherri K. Macko
SABRE Computer Services, American Airlines

“On a scale of one to ten, Dewitt is a fifteen!”
Jeff Durkee
Merrill Lynch

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